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About Leading Detergent Powder manufacturer

Royal Enterprises is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of best quality of detergent powder. We deal with wholesalers and retailers for our cleaning products. The materials we are using in our products are reliable, effective and cost efficient.

By producing quality, effective and reliable products are able to win the trust of our clients. These powders do not irritate the skin and are made up of biodegradable components. Our biodegradable components do not harm our environment as well. Our detergents are quite effective in removing stains and dirts. It is effective to wash clothes in a bucket or front and top load washing machines. Our products are available in different pack sizes as per the requirement of our clients.


Our company provides a full spectrum of work of any level of
complexity provides a full

Premium Washing Powder

Product Price: Rs 60 / 1 Kg
DP: 48

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Loose Detergent Powder

Product Price: Rs 110 / 2 Kg
DP: 90

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Premium Washing Powder

Product Price: Rs 160 / 3 Kg
DP: 130

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Looking For "Detergent/Washing Powder"?


The range of detergents are found from powder to liquid in the market. These are classified as per the need. There is hand wash detergent powder, machine washing powder and liquid wash.

Yes, Liquid detergents are a great choice. For fully automatic it is quite convenient to use. You can pour it on stains and it helps in removing the stain in a more convenient and effective manner.

It offers the premium quality of detergents and liquid wash at affordable prices in the market, that makes Royal Enterprise as a special washing powder.

Most of the top brands detergent powder harms the skin, its biodegradable component makes it different from the other top brands available in the market.

Read the instructions given on the package use accordingly. For measurement you can take help of a scoop. For the top-loader and semi automatic machine add detergent to the drum first then clothes and for front loader add detergent first to the drawer and then add clothes.

Whatever the brand of detergent you are using made to clean garments. The quality of detergent certified by lab tests and it should be environment friendly.

Shelf life of powder detergent is more and available cheaply as compared to liquid detergents. Liquid detergents are useful to clean the stain and it is quite convenient to use. Liquid detergents are not the sustainable option.